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Reviewclub is an international community consisting of everyday people who are passionate about creating unbiased reviews of products they care about.

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We find great products through brands we work with and give samples of these products to members of our review community who are passionate about them. In return, we ask members to share their honest opinion in the form of ratings and reviews online. Our reviews are authentic because we do not incentivise our reviewers with money in exchange for their reviews.

Our founder felt the importance of bringing the power of product recommendation back to the everyday consumer like you and me. A direct recommendation from family and friends was, in many ways, more meaningful, authentic, and impactful than Instagram endorsements. Thus, he created Reviewclub in 2014, a hub for everyday people who can participate in campaigns to test and review products. With our offices running globally with campaigns active in 18 countries, our clients have exclusive access to a community of over 600k to share their honest ratings and reviews.