Meet ReviewClub: Real Reviews, Real People.

We started as a small idea - that honest opinions from everyday folks like you and me really matter. Fast forward some years, and here we are: a global family with over 700,000 members in 18 countries. Together we test hundreds of products every month and give our honest feedback about the experience.


What makes us, us.

ReviewClub was founded with the goal of providing a platform for everyday people to share their honest opinions about products, bypassing the often superficial and biased reviews of influencers or celebrities. Our members are not here for perks or payments; their reward is the opportunity to test a new product and share genuine experiences so others can make an informed buying decision.

Meet our team behind the Scenes

ReviewClub is all about our valued members, but behind the scenes, a dedicated team of managers works tirelessly to keep things running smoothly and to provide you with the support you need.

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From a one-man army to 700,000 members

ReviewClub was born out of our founder's frustration with the lack of honest information available when making online purchases. Far too often, he found himself disappointed with products that didn't live up to their online descriptions. He wanted the truth about the highs, lows and in-betweens before pulling out his wallet.

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    2014: Founding ReviewClub

    In 2014, our founder had a simple but powerful idea. Tired of buying stuff online that turned out to be a dissapointment, he saw something missing: the genuine, down-to-earth opinions from people just like you and me who had hands-on experience with the product and shared the highs, lows and everything in between; the kind of advice you'd get from a friend over coffee, not from a celeb's Instagram post. He started ReviewClub and the first brand that wanted to work with him was Logitech.

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    2015: ReviewClub goes global

    In 2015, ReviewClub took an exciting leap, transforming from a cozy Dutch community into a vibrant global network. We spread our wings to 18 countries, embracing places like France, Spain, Japan, and the USA. This year wasn't just about expanding our map; it was about growing our family. We hit a fantastic milestone, welcoming our 100,000th member.

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    2019: Introducing ReviewClub Deals

    In a bid to embrace sustainability and offer more perks to our members, we rolled out ReviewClub Deals. This innovative program lets members purchase used products from our tests at a discount. It's a win-win: we're cutting down on waste while giving our members the option to purchase the latest and greatest items at a friendly price.

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    2021: Welcoming Buzzador

    2021 was a special year for us at ReviewClub – we got to welcome the Buzzadors! This cool bunch of people from Scandinavia joined our community, sharing their thoughts on products through Facebook and Instagram. They really mixed things up, making us twice as big, and we hit a sweet spot of 500,000 reviewers, all chatting, sharing, and growing together.

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