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La technologie de Réduction de Bruit Adaptative du Tour One M2 de JBL élimine les distractions pour que vous puissiez profiter de vos playlists préférées - ou même du silence - grâce au légendaire son JBL Pro certifié Hi-Res. Immergez-vous jusqu’à 50 heures dans un son spatial exceptionnel lors de vos déplacements, ou profitez de la clarté de la technologie à 4 micros pendant vos conversations téléphoniques. Les micros intégrés reconnaissent même votre voix, ce qui vous permet d’avoir des conversations rapides avec votre casque, grâce à la fonction Smart Talk. Vous pouvez également activer l’amplification sonore personnelle pour augmenter le volume de votre voix et de celle des autres sans jamais retirer vos écouteurs.

Bénéfices produits
  • La technologie ANC utilise automatiquement 4 micros de détection du bruit pour s’adapter à votre environnement en temps réel
  • Restez attentif aux sons du monde qui vous entoure tout en profitant de votre musique avec Smart Ambient
  • Appels de qualité supérieure avec 4 microphones et commande vocale
  • Grâce à la fonctionnalité Smart Talk, vous n’avez pas besoin de mettre la musique en pause pour avoir une conversation rapide
  • Immergez-vous dans le son spatial JBL et transportez-vous dans un théâtre, à un concert ou en studio avec votre artiste préféré
  • Égaliseur dynamique à faible volume
  • Jusqu’à 50 heures d’écoute
  • Personnalisez la bande-son de votre vie avec l’application JBL Headphones
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Dimensions du paquet 10 cm (l) 10 cm (w) 10 cm (h)
Poids 0.5 kg
Numéro du produit 6925281960130
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02 Oct 2023

Big sound in a small and portable package
Here is a 150 word summary of the review: The JBL Tour One M2 are a stylish pair of noise-cancelling headphones offering excellent audio quality and long battery life. With 40mm drivers, they deliver detailed sound across genres like rock and metal. The headphones have effective active noise cancellation that blocks out ambient noise very well, even on planes. Battery life is strong at 30 hours with ANC on. They are comfortable to wear for long periods thanks to the soft padding. Key features include touch controls, voice assistant support, and Bluetooth multipoint. Sound quality is dynamic and balanced, with punchy bass and clear mids and highs suited for guitar music. Small downsides are bass could hit harder for some genres. But overall the reviewer found the audio performance extremely satisfying. The JBL Tour One M2 provide a premium listening experience in a portable and stylish package.
27 Sep 2023

Headphones that have truly impressed me
These headphones have truly exceeded my expectations in several key aspects, making them an outstanding choice for anyone in the market for high-quality over-ear headphones. First and foremost, the Smart Ambient Sound feature is a game-changer. It allows me to stay aware of my surroundings while enjoying my music or podcasts. Whether I'm walking in a busy city or working in a cafe, I can easily adjust the level of ambient sound to strike the perfect balance between immersion and awareness. It's a feature that enhances both safety and convenience. Another great feature of the JBL Tour One M2 is the 4-Mic Superior Calls with Voice Control. The call quality is exceptional, and I've had no issues with clarity or background noise. The voice control feature is incredibly handy, allowing me to manage calls and control my music using just my voice. It's a convenient hands-free option that adds a layer of sophistication to these headphones. Battery life is another area where the JBL Tour One M2 truly shines. With up to 50 hours of playback on a single charge, I rarely find myself worrying about running out of battery. This long-lasting performance is perfect for extended travel or busy workdays, and it's one less thing to stress about when on the go. Additionally, the inclusion of a USB Type-C charging cable makes recharging quick and hassle-free. Comfort and build quality are also top-notch. These headphones are well-padded, and the adjustable headband ensures a secure and comfortable fit for extended listening sessions. The premium materials used in their construction not only look stylish but also feel durable, promising longevity and value for my investment. JBL Tour One M2 headphones that have truly impressed me with their Smart Ambient Sound, 4-Mic Superior Calls with Voice Control, long battery life, and convenience of USB Type-C charging. They are a fantastic choice for anyone who values both audio quality and advanced features in their headphones. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of a premium audio experience.
23 Sep 2023

Amazing headphones in reasonable price
I’m really amazed by those headphones. Let’s start from amazing sound quality, that taking listening of music to another level. Noise canceling is a blessing, specially in loud environments. They are great to use for phone calls as well. Super comfortable to wear as well. Easy to connect and use, app is really helpful.I would recommend to everyone as they are great!
18 Sep 2023

Lack of high end features but they are light and comfortable. Suitable for the “average” user
I will use these mostly for exercising and mowing the lawn but for listening at home I will use other headphones capable of lossless audio. The additional cable extensions that come with the headphones are a bonus as not many come with jacks now. But they aren’t capable of LDAC and I pay for a lossless audio music subscription, so they don’t suit my needs unfortunately. I still need to get another set of headphones that are capable of passing through more than AAC. The build quality is lovely, they are extremely light and comfortable to wear. They would be perfect if JBL had put more technology in to these, of which I am sure they are capable of since they are an audio company.
17 Sep 2023

amazing quality, headphones, easy to set up
The JBL Tour One M2 headphones are a true audio masterpiece. Their noise-canceling capabilities are nothing short of amazing. With the Tour One M2, I experienced an unparalleled level of tranquility, immersing myself in pure, undisturbed audio bliss. These headphones redefine the standard for noise cancellation, delivering a listening experience like no other.
15 Sep 2023

Great quality sound and noise cancellation
The JBL Tour One M2 headphones are fantastic. The sound quality is amazing - clear, balanced, and deep. The noise-cancellation is a game-changer for commutes. They’re comfy for long sessions, built to last, and have excellent battery life. These headphones are a worthwhile investment for any audio enthusiast.