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True Adaptive Noise Cancelling headphones for a superb audio experience at home or on the go. The JBL Tour One M2 with True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology tunes out distractions so you can enjoy your favorite audio—or even the sound of silence—all powered by legendary JBL Pro Sound and experience seamless, superb sound on the go. Immerse yourself in spatial audio for up to 50 hours while easily switching connections between your everyday devices.

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Unique selling points (USP):
  • True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology automatically uses 4 noise sensing mics to adjust to your surroundings in real-time, minimizing distractions when you need to focus, optimizing the JBL Tour One M2's performance for a superior audio experience
  • The 4-mic crystal call algorithm of the JBL Tour One M2 allows you to have better conversations even in loud or windy environments or to get help from your preferred voice assistant.
  • Stay alert to the sounds of the world around you while enjoying your music with Smart Ambient, controlling the ambient sound levels and turning the Personal Sound Amplification button on through the JBL Headphones App to boost the conversations' volume
  • Thanks to the Smart Talk feature, you don't need to pause the music to have a quick conversation: its advanced voice recognition technology reacts to your voice pausing the music and enabling TalkThru.
  • Legendary Pro Sound. Thanks to extensive global research and testing, the superior JBL sound curve delivers precise, accurate audio and less distortion with all the music you love at any frequency or volume.
  • Immerse yourself in JBL Spatial Sound and feel like being in a theatre, at a concert or in the studio with your favorite artist.
  • Hear and feel every note of your playlist. Shape your audio to match your personal listening profile with interactive customization tools that use precise information about you and your preferences to provide the exact sound curve that suits you best.
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Product Specifications
Package Dimensions 10 cm (l) 10 cm (w) 10 cm (h)
Package Weight 0.5 kg
SKU number 6925281960130
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Product Reviews

18 Feb 2024

great sound , easy to use and I love the noisecancelling !
I have been using this headphone for a little over a week now and I'm very pleased by it's qualities. I never had a noisecanceling headphone before so I was very surprised by this function the first time I used it. I turned it on while I was vacuumcleaning and I seriuosly thought someone turned of the vacuumcleaner because with the music on, I couldn't hear it was on or off ! I like the sound, nice deep tones. The headphone comes with a nice case to keep it in when not in use and I like that I can put in in there and know it won't get damaged or accidentaly put on in my bag. I have loaded the battery before using it and I haven't had to recharge it so far. The earcovers are soft and pleasant to wear.
28 Dec 2023

Superb headphones - amazing sound, great battery, loads of technology included
As an avid user of the Sony WH-1000XM4’s, I was keen to find some new headphones which I could use to DJ as my Sennheiser’s are on their last legs. I was keen on something modern, light, portable and with noise cancelling features. I also wanted something wireless to remove the possibility of wires being entangled or pulling long cables when djing. These JBL TOUR ONE M2 did just what I needed and then some. There is a dedicated app available to use, control and customise the headphones to your own sound preferences which is extremely handy as I prefer a bass driven sound so I adjusted the sound to match my needs. The EQ balance within the app is a great feature and even at low volume you can still hear the driving bass sounds in every track (an important feature for a house music DJ like me). There is a USB C cable supplied for charging and also a 3.5mm audio cable if you prefer not to connect wirelessly using the Bluetooth feature. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable even when worn over an extended duration and I particularly like the padded leather strip where the headphones sit on your head – makes them more comfortable. The closed cups are also made of leather with lovely padding inside for added comfort and they sit well on your ears thanks to the adjustable strap on the headphones – meaning I can give them to my daughter when I’m not using them, and she can adjust them to fit her head/ears. The noise cancellation feature is superb – and it was the first time I had used adaptive ANC. You get to set just how much you sound you want to filter through, and you can also set it up so the headphones detect when you are having a conversation and the sound filters automatically! You can actually set the particular scenario you are in so the sound adjusts itself automatically! Then there’s the Personal Sound Amplification feature where you can change the sound balance and have one ear louder than then other – what other headphones have you ever seen with this feature?? Amazing! I remember making several calls whilst in loud areas and a friend actually commented on the quality of the sound and the fact that they could hear me clearly and that the background noise was suitably suppressed. This is thanks to the 4-mic control feature. Another impressive feature was the battery life, and I counted a period of 4 days where I was using the headphones for my commute to work and back home and didn’t need to charge them. Then finally there’s the handy hard cover carry case which allowed me to travel with the headphones, neatly folded away and stuffed into my backpack without worrying about any potential damage. All in all, I highly recommend these headphones and I must say they definitely offer a strong competitive option to mu old Sony’s. I am impressed and equally intrigues by how the JD TOUR ONE M2’s are able to utilise technology to deliver a truly unique experience. Highly recommended!
27 Dec 2023

All Around Workhorse - Good in all Areas
An all around workhorse, good to great in most areas, without excelling really in anything. The noise cancelling is among the top five for prosumer headphones, trailing both Bose & Sony in this regard, but being stronger than some more expensive options such as the Focal Bathys. Tuned by Harman, the default sound signature will please most, following the typical Harman Curve. As such, I did not feel the need to EQ, but the sound does not excel in any area, which is not a bad thing since EQ is often use to resolve harsh treble or lacking bass. I did not feel the personalised EQ made a significant difference, and the spacial audio falls behind that of the Sony over ears. Keep this is mind if you are buying these for this purpose. Overall, a very good workhorse with convenient features such as folding hinges which will please all but the most picky so called 'audiophile'.
22 Dec 2023

Great sound quality, but too big and bulky for me
I've been using these headphones for around three weeks now, mainly when I'm outside and occasionally when I'm home. The headphones look absolutely great, and the case they come is really good quality as well. However the case took up quite a lot of space in my bag, and I often carried it in my hand instead (which isn't great when travelling). They have quite a lot of functions, and I was impressed with all they could do. I liked that I could use them wired, but never had to as the battery life was quite good for my usage (2-3 hours/day). I did find the touch buttons way too responsive, and I often activated them when trying to turn on noise cancellation or even just adjusting them. I especially loved the noise cancelling feature and how easy it was to turn on and off. This was really important to me when I had to listen to train announcements, or when walking at night. I did find the headphones too big for my ears, as I could hear my footsteps when I was walking, and often picked my other, smaller headphones instead. Overall, they're really good quality, but just a big too big for me.
14 Dec 2023

Good but not great, definitely better noise cancelling headphones on the market.
Pros: - Easy set-up with zero faff! It was straightforward that required no effort and was a very easy pairing (I have an iPhone). - Connects well to Bluetooth when you turn it on with no connection errors. - Fit of headphones is comfortable, I wear it for 1-2 hours minimum and I don’t have any issues with the comfort. - Controls are easy and easy to reach, you can easily switch between ambient sound and noise cancelling and also adjust volume. - I go to the gym with these too and they were easy to clean post workout. - Ambient setting is good but volume of music if really low but I guess it’s what it meant for! - MIC IS AMAZING! It picks up only your voice and cancels out any background noise, I’ve never had better. Especially for work calls, this is a life saver. - Quality of sound is decent, bass isn’t too great but overall 7/10 on this aspect. Cons: - There is sometimes a numb buzzing sound in the left ear, you just have to turn it off and on again, but it’s still annoying. - Noise control can sometimes get stuck and you can’t flick between the two setting - you have to turn it off and on again. - Noise cancelling isn’t great, I’ve experienced better with other over ear headphone and in ear buds. - I can’t manage to turn TalkThru mode off and it picks up any coughs and sniffs too (downside of good mic).
13 Dec 2023

Crystal Clear Sound and adaptive noise cancelling
I wanted to try these as I currently use Air pods, I was looking for quality sound along with noise cancelling. These headphones provided that, I make a lot of calls and people commented on how clear they could hear me. They aren't my usual style as I prefer in ear buds as they seem to fit better and normally give a better sound, they did become heavy on my head but I am sure after wearing them for longer periods that would go away. They are comfortable, the app is easy to use with many but not too many settings you can play around with, they were easy to pair with my phone, and easy to operate even without the app. I would highly recommend these