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Ready to level up your gameplay? Meet the JBL Quantum 360P Console Wireless headset, ideal for PlayStation, also working with Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. From the quietest footsteps to the loudest laser blasts, JBL’s QuantumSOUND Signature puts you in the center of every scene. No matter how crazy the action gets, the detachable, directional voice focus boom mic means your teammates players can always hear you clearly. Lossless wireless, up to 22-hour battery life and lightweight memory foam ear cushions mean you’ll never miss a second of mayhem during even your longest gaming sessions. JBL QuantumENGINE PC software fine-tunes the sound for the ultimate competitive advantage. Your opponents won’t know what hit them.

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Unique selling points (USP):
  • Never miss a moment with dual wireless connection When split-second timing is key, you can't be tied down to your system. Gaming grade lossless 2.4GHz wireless gives you total freedom of movement, with no audio drops in the heat of battle. This headset is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Live the game with JBL QuantumSOUND Signature From the quietest footsteps to the loudest laser blasts, cinematic JBL QuantumSOUND signature makes every scene epic. Powered by 40mm drivers, the JBL Quantum 360P Console Wireless fully immerses you in the game for a true competitive edge.
  • Make your voice heard—or not—with a detachable boom mic with mute feature Even when games get noisy, the JBL Quantum 360P Console Wireless's detachable, directional voice focus boom mic means your squad will always hear you clearly. There's also a handy mute feature if you need to run silent for a secret mission in the real world.
  • Compatible with PlayStation 5 3D audio JBL Quantum 360P Console Wireless headset is designed for full compatibility with PlayStation 5 3D audio.
  • Up to 22-hour battery life, speed charge and play & charge Up to 22 hours of battery life (with dongle, up to 26H with BT) means great JBL sound throughout even your longest gaming sessions. Still need extra time? Five minutes gets you an extra hour of playback time, and you can charge while you play with the USB charging cable.
  • JBL Dual Source The JBL Quantum 360P Console Wireless allows for the communication to come simultaneously from two sources: while the dongle keeps you connected to the game, the Bluetooth allows you to pick up a call and then seamlessly go back to your game.
  • Memory foam comfort for marathon game sessions The durable JBL Quantum 360P Console Wireless has a lightweight headband and PU-wrapped memory foam ear cushions for total comfort even during a hardcore all-night epic sessions.
  • Make the sound yours with JBL QuantumENGINE PC suite Control what you hear, improve how you play. Use the PC software suite to customize JBL QuantumSURROUND, EQ, sidetone, mic settings, save your profiles and more for the ultimate immersive sound experience.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms "The JBL Quantum 360P Console Wireless headset is optimized for PlayStation. This headset is also compatible with PC and can be connected wirelessly (via the 2.4GHz) with PC, PlayStation*, Nintendo Switch** and Mac. The features powered by JBL QuantumENGINE (JBL QuantumSURROUND, RGB, EQ, Microphone settings etc.) are only available on PC. Check the connectivity guide for compatibility. *Wirelessly compatible with all PlayStation models including PS5 and PS4. **Wirelessly compatible with Nintendo Switch when docked only."
Product Specifications
Package Dimensions 2.5 cm (l) 9 cm (w) 10 cm (h)
Package Weight 2.5 kg
EAN number 6925281960802
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Product Reviews

05 Jan 2024

Amazing quality and sound performance
It has outdone my expectations. Brilliant sound quality and they are so easy to use. I used them on the PlayStation and via my phone on Bluetooth. The sound was top quality on both devices I was really happy with them. I would recommend these to gamers or just music listeners you can use them at the gym walking and as they are wireless makes it so much easier
22 Dec 2023

Quantum 360P prijs kwaliteit topper
Deze headset nu twee weken in bezit. En ik moet zeggen voor 99,- is het een fijne headset. Zelf gebruik de headset voor de playstation 5. Het is plug en play. De bluetooth dongle in de playstation en je hebt verbinding. Ook komt er een fijne lange oplaadkabel bij geleverd. De headset zit prettig op je hoofd, ook na een aantal uur gamen blijft die goed zitten. Geen pijn aan je oren omdat hij goed over je oren valt. De witte kleur en het model vind ik persoonlijk er strak uitzien. De microfoon die je heel gemakkelijk af- en aankoppelen vind ik persoonlijk wat te slapjes. Het geluid is zeer aangenaam, voor deze prijs had ik een stuk minder verwacht. De tonen kunnen aangepast worden in de JBL waardoor ik het geluid een stuk beter werd. een extra dimensie aan het geluid is het 3D effect wat ik gebruik bij shooters.
21 Dec 2023

Great headset only downfall is not compatible for xbox
I recently purchased the JBL Quantum 360P gaming headset, and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The audio quality is exceptional, with rich, immersive sound that enhances the gaming experience. The headset is incredibly comfortable, even during long gaming sessions, and the build quality feels stong and decent. Only downfall is its not compatible with Xbox as well as PlayStation. The detachable microphone provides clear communication, and overall, I highly recommend the JBL Quantum 360P to anyone looking for a premium gaming headset.
20 Dec 2023

best comfortable gaming headphones
Good Points: The headset is very comfortable and feels premium, the sound quality is great and does a good job of blocking out other noise from the room. It has its own software for you to tweak the audio settings and even program how the lights flash on the JBL logo on the side. Another nice touch is that the mic is auto muted when in the raised position so you dont have to fumble for the mute button. It also has an LED indicator on the mic to let you know when it is muted. Improvement Points: The only problem I would have would be the price. I am not an audiophile so im not too bothered about sound quality, normally as long as I can hear what I need im not fussed. So personally I dont know if I can justfy the extra expense where a headset of half the cost would do the same job (albeit with a reduction in overall quality)
19 Dec 2023

Overall this is a really good product, the sound quality is brilliant
As mentioned in the title, the sound quality of these headphones are brilliant, I was really impressed. I play a lot of call of duty and everything is perfectly clear. In addition, the wireless aspect is also very good, I didn't expect the battery life to be as good as it said but it has been very very good! Very simple to connect. The downfalls of this product for me are the control on the headset itself. It is not clear at first what is mute and what isn't, when it is on/off and how to find out how much battery life is left. All in all, I'm still quite impressed.
18 Dec 2023

Headset for all gamers of gamers
This is an amazing headset it really stops background noise well suited for needs for gaming stylish and fits perfectly can wear daily for hours if needing to game longer blocks out all noise very easy to use value for money not expensive for the design can be used for unisex and all ages good quality sound no crackels during usegae