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Sound is survival. Are those voices behind you? Footsteps to your left? Hearing your surroundings is crucial, but truly immersive sound that gives you the edge used to require a wired headset. Not anymore. The JBL Quantum 910P Console Wireless headset delivers precise, dual spatial, hi-res audio with integrated head tracking to keep you in the center of the action. Ideal for Playstation, also works wirelessly with Nintendo Switch and PC and wired with Xbox. The low latency wireless connection means zero lag when talking to the squad, and Active Noise Cancelling lets you play without distractions even in the noisiest places. The Quantum 910P Console Wireless features up to 39 hours of battery, but you can even charge while you play during marathon sessions. And with unparalleled ergonomic comfort you’re gonna have marathon sessions. Cut the cord and game your way. Wireless over-ear console gaming headset with head tracking-enhanced, Active Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth Quantum 910P Console Wireless

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Unique selling points (USP):
  • Low latency wireless system The difference between staying in the game and starting over can be split-second. That’s why the JBL Quantum 910P Console Wireless 2.4 GHz connection means you’ll always stay connected with zero lag
  • Active Noise Cancelling technology for gaming Tuned for gaming environments, the JBL Quantum 910P Console Wireless’ Active Noise Cancelling eliminates unwanted sounds around you so you can stay fully engaged in your mission without distractions
  • BL Dual Source The Quantum 910P Console Wireless allows for the communication to come simultaneously from two sources: while the dongle keeps you connected to the game, the BT 5.2 allows you to talk to your friends or listen to music
  • Be at the center of the game with Hi-Res certified JBL QuantumSOUND Signature From the tiniest footsteps to the loudest explosion, JBL QuantumSOUND Signature makes every scene epic and every gamer more competitive
Product Specifications
Package Dimensions 2.8 cm (l) 9 cm (w) 10 cm (h)
Package Weight 4.2 kg
EAN number 6925281973048
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Product Reviews

07 Nov 2023

JBL Quantum 910P Headset Review
I was very impressed with the JBL Quantum 910P headset! The headset features a stylish design that is at the same time comfortable and light. The sound quality is absolutely amazing and much more superior to any headphones I had previously! The headphones do come with an un-detachable microphone which is perfect for people who intent to use the headphones for gaming, however it can be frustrating for people who want to use the headphones just for listening to music! The headphones also come with an adaptor which makes it possible to link to other devices such as laptops via cable. Overall, I think that these headphones are comfortable, stylish and very good value for the money paid! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their headset (especially gamers)!
06 Nov 2023

Great headset but very heavy on prolonged use
The gaming headset I recently tried certainly had its pros and cons. On the positive side, the battery life is impressive. It can last for hours of continuous gaming without needing frequent recharges, which is a big plus for those long gaming sessions.Sound quality is another standout feature. The headset delivers rich, immersive audio that truly enhances the gaming experience. You can hear even the subtlest in-game sounds with clarity, giving you a competitive edge.However, one downside is its weight. The headset is noticeably heavy, which can become uncomfortable during extended use. This might lead to fatigue or discomfort during marathon gaming sessions.In summary, if you prioritize excellent battery life and top-notch sound quality in a gaming headset and don't mind the weight, this headset might be a great choice for you. But if you value lightweight comfort, you may want to explore lighter alternatives.
05 Nov 2023

Amazing sound quality, definitely a game changer!
I'm absolutely in love this headset! Ive gotten specially for my son as he is gaming and streaming all the time and this headset has been a game-changer for his gaming experience. Of course I had to try as well, I like more racing kinda games such a Gran Turismo, and the 360" audio on PlayStation is mind-blowing, the head-tracking tech adds precision, the noise cancelling is out of this world, it looks like you are in the game, the immersion it's absolutely fantastic. Plus, the zero-lag wireless connection ensures you stay in the game. The rgb lights makes it a even more gamer style. All the functions that you can control just with a touch of a button makes it even more practical, I can’t recommend it enough, my son was soo happy with it and so did I. Definitely a must-have for any gamer!
02 Nov 2023

Too much money for the performance implied
Honestly, I just wasn't expecting this level of sheer disappointment and lacklustre performance, from what are supposedly a pair of premium quality gaming headphones. So the first thing I need to get off my chest is, what's with all the lights on them!! They actually don't perform any specific additional function apart from, hey look at me!! This can only seriously add to the cost of the build unnecessarily And another thing, who are they designed for, a weight lifter!? To say that they they are BIG and VERY heavy, is an understatement. They really are beyond the normal, and I can only assume they will get severely uncomfortable after a while of using them. So onto us mortals that would have to wear them with glasses on. This also presents a further issue in that they squeeze the living daylights out of the arms of the glasses, so tjis made for extremely uncomfortable wearing. So being the sort of geeky person I am, not only did I opt to test with more advanced games consoles, but I also did try them with portable consoles as well, and sorry to have to report, they really didn't live up to the hype and the price point they are pitched at, as the whole persona screams premium experience, which I'm afraid to say, falls far short of this . The sound quality when used with all my test devices devices was really just dire and lack lustre, and only because I am quite tech savvy did I actually manage to get them tested with an older PS3 system, as the initial pairing was a joke, as nowhere in the documentation does it give the 'default' bluetooth pairing code, and it's only because I happened to choose a default code that is used extensively, did I manage to get them paired at all. Also, I tried them with just a normal music sound source and oh no, just too disappointing. Overall, really overrated and way too expensive
28 Oct 2023

Great gaming headphones, definitely worth the extra cost.
These headphone have definitely a step up from my eBay entry level headphones and mic. I was sceptical that the price would justify the increase in gaming enhancement. Well they definitely do, the sound quality is exceptional the mic is very clear for other gamers and they are very comfortable. The surround sound enhances when gaming is almost frightening, making me jump a few times. Set up was very easy taking less then 5 minutes. Alot of different cables to use for different things like mic calibration charging and use hard wired. Still all very easy to use. The buttons on the side are all very easy to locate and one touch. They look great feel great sound amazing. The biggest problem I am having with them is my son taking them so he can game. May have to purchase another pair so I don't have to go find them every time.
27 Oct 2023

Best headset I've experienced.
Straight out of the box you can tell this is a premium quality headset. It comes in a really nice grey velvet drawstring bag to protect it during storage. One of the first things I noticed was the weight, it has quite a bit more weight to it than my old mid-range headset. It's also bulkier around the ear cups. The build quality looks and feels excellent and I suspect it will last many hours of use before it needs replacing. That being said I would class this a premium headset and with that comes better hardware and added size/weight. Once it's in place it was never an issue within minutes I had forgot about the weight and was enjoying the snug comfort which the headband and earpads provided. It was extremely easy to connect to my phone to first sample some music and instantly connected to the dongle on my ps5 with no issues. I was very impressed with the music quality and the warmness of the bass immediately jumped out at me. The range of the live orchestra I was listening to had me immersed from pressing play, I had forgotten how good music could sound with a good set of headphones on. Using the headset for gaming was also a pleasant experience, it enabled me to hear sounds in games which I had not heard before even tho I have played them for many hours. The noise cancelling was very effective, to the point I could not hear people shouting behind me from 10 foot away in my living room while I was in a game. I also used these to play along to songs on my guitar through a game called Rocksmith and they sounded great with minimum lag, which is extremely important when playing along to music. I couldn't tell a massive difference with the immersive sound but I think this may stand out more on first person shooter games such as COD which i dont reall play.. The lights on the ear cups looked cool but I found I turned them off to save battery. The battery was never an issue although I did not get anywhere near the suggested 45 hours of on-time between charges so I cant comment if it actually last that long it will certainly last long enough for most people. I really liked how the mic mute's when lifting aswell, this is very convenient. Overall I was really impressed with the range and depth of the sound these produced and found the weight was never an issue due to the comfort of them. These are the first real premium headset I’ve tried but for the price I would definitely recommend them.